So, it would seem I was invited to do a live sculpting demo at Gamesfest 2016 in Hertfordshire yesterday. This is a first for me as I look to develop my career as a professional miniature sculptor, but I saw this as a great opportunity to not only meet new people (and showcase my skills!), but […]

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Character sketch: Space pilot

I’m looking to sculpt some rogue trader type characters and thought I’d start by doing some concept sketches. Here’s a quick head concept for a female pilot/smuggler character. I’m trying to keep the vibe a bit 80s sci-fi comic book. Hope you like it and please feel free to comment below! More character concepts coming […]

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Back Alley scatter terrain

Here are some back alley scenics I sculpted last year for TT Combat’s Back Alley Accessories range. They are sculpted at 30mm and include sleeping hobos, knackered sofa, bullet-riddled refrigerator, smashed TV, trash cans and rubbish bags. For this project I used a mix of ProCreate and milliput, with aluminium wire mesh to make the shapes […]

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Wow. I had to share this. Adam is a short film created in realtime by the Unity Demo Team using the Unity game engine. Here’s a link to the Adam video. Georgi Simeonov (Batman: Arkham Origins, Brink) was behind the art direction and production design on the project. To quote his blog on The […]

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Who’s up for some Oldhammer?

Chaos Dwarf by Alessio Cisbani I thought I’d take this opportunity to introduce – for those who are not aware – the Oldhammer Sculpting Group (OSG). The OSG is a Facebook group that focusses on sculpting miniatures with an Oldhammer vibe. Some of you might be wondering just what, exactly, is Oldhammer? For the uninitiated, it is quite […]

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Brass Monkey

Salutations, earthlings! Welcome to the new and indubitably shiny Brass Monkey sculpting blog!

My name’s James and I have – in a very literal, non-metaphorical sense – quit the day job in order to follow a long-held dream of mine to become a professional sci-fi and fantasy miniature sculptor. That’s right, I’ve quite gleefully taken the plunge into the murky creek of freelance uncertainty. I’m obviously completely bonkers.

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